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High-Quality Practice Suture Kit to Increase Your Skills

Boost Your Confidence and Become a Master at Suturing With Our Practice Suture Kit. 

Perfect for Students or Resident in the Healthcare Field

Suturing is a vital skill to learn as a student in the medical field. Our suturing kits are a great way to practice and hone your skills. Prepare for your upcoming practical exams as you learn more about different types of sutures. 

You can order one of our suture kits for yourself or in bulk if you're ordering from a medical university. Contact us for more information to place an order. 

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You'll Find Everything You Need in Our Suture Practice Kit

Take your suturing skills to the next level with our comprehensive suture practice kit. All the suturing tools you need are included in the kit.

You'll also find a silicone suture pad that's designed to simulate real skin. The pad is made with built-in vertical and horizontal mesh. The mesh makes the pad less prone to ripping, meaning you can use it for much longer. 

In addition to the suturing pad, you'll find the following in the suture practice kit:

  • Hegar needle holder
  • Adson forceps
  • Iris scissors
  • Storage case
  • Three scalpel blades
  • 16-pack of suturing threads

Each suture kit comes with a complimentary eBook so you can learn different suturing techniques. You can also access our comprehensive suturing video series where our medical professionals use the silicone pad to showcase different techniques. 

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Suture Practice Tool Kit

Our suture practice tool kit comes with everything our suture practice kit comes with, minus the practicing pad. It's a great option for those who just need tools to practice. 

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Sutures Thread With Needle

Need some more sutures to add to your suture practice kit? Order our sutures thread kit. Get more practice done with additional sutures and high-quality materials. 

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Free Shipping Available

At Medical Creations, we know how important your practice suture kit is to your education. That's why we provide fast and free shipping for all our customers. Once your order ships, we'll send you your tracking number so you can stay on top of your order. 

Not satisfied with your suture kit? We're happy to offer an easy return process and money-back guarantee for our customers. 

Why Choose Medical Creations

At Medical Creations, we're committed to using the highest-quality products available. The most prestigious universities in North America and the UK trust in us to deliver premium suture practice kits for their students. 

Practicing your suturing skills at home is a great way to improve your skills. When it comes time for your practical exams, you'll be ready to go. You'll have everything you need at your disposal to learn the most advanced suturing techniques available. 

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Boost your confidence and increase your suturing skills with our practice suture kits. Learn more about suturing with our comprehensive eBook and video series. 

To place a bulk order, contact Medical Creations today. 

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