Suture Practice Kit
Suture Practice Kit
Suture Practice Kit
Suture Practice Kit
Suture Practice Kit
Suture Practice Kit
  • Suture Practice Kit
  • Suture Practice Kit
  • Suture Practice Kit
  • Suture Practice Kit
  • Suture Practice Kit
  • Suture Practice Kit
  • Suture Practice Kit

Suture Practice Kit

$60.00 $37.99
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Suture like a Surgeon - Transform your suturing skills with a premium suture kit. Included are all the suturing tools you need together with a high-quality, 3-layer silicone suture pad that simulates human skin. Our suture practice kit is the perfect gift for any student or resident in the medical field.

  • Reusable, high-quality suturing pad
  • How-to suturing ebook
  • Suturing video series
  • Endorsed by Dr. Buck Parker, a general and trauma surgeon
  • Ordered by some of the most prestigious universities in the world
  • Loved by thousands of students
Suture Practice Kit
$37.99 $60.00

The perfect gift for any aspiring medical professional

Introducing the first ever suture kit with a built in horizontal and vertical mesh. This has shown to increase the durability making it much less prone to ripping compared to other suture kits on the market. A more durable suture pad also means that you can use it many times over. If what you are looking for is quality, then you have found the right suture practice kit for you.

Why quality matters

What’s inside

The importance of proper training


We teamed Dr. Buck Parker, a well-known general and trauma surgeon, to create a suturing video series. Watching these videos while using our suture practice kit will speed up your learning curve

  • Perfect for those who prefer learning from videos
  • Nothing beats having a surgeon by your side when it comes to suturing


One of the reasons why students love using our suturing ebook together with their suture kit is because it’s an easy-to-follow manual that takes you through the necessary steps of suturing so that you can learn the different techniques correctly

  • A step-by-step guide to learning the most important suturing techniques
  • Eliminate performance anxiety
  • A must-have for beginners

Frequently Asked Questions

Other suture pads out there are much more prone to ripping, making them less reliable. To simulate real human skin, our pad is made out of high quality silicone. While some other pads do come with a built-in horizontal mesh, our pad also has a vertical mesh that surrounds the wounds. This means you would have to pull much harder for the pad to rip.

In general, shipments within North America, UK, and the EU are in transit for 2 - 7 days. Within these locations standard shipping is free of charge, but we do also offer expedited shipping for a small fee if you wish to receive your kit sooner rather than later. All orders come with a tracking number.

No prior suturing skills are necessary. Apart from a suturing techniques ebook, you will also have access to suturing videos created by a general and trauma surgeon.

If handled with care, you will be bale to reuse it many times. You won’t be able to see previous needle insertions and the material won’t tear from drawing the thread too tight.

Yes, Medical Creations is trademarked and our suture pad is patent pending.

There is a flyer inside the package with a special link that will let you download the ebook. If you are having problems with the link please contact us privately.

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