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Our mission is to provide students with the tools necessary for them to reach new heights of success and realise their full potential as a future medical professional.


To Suturing Like A Surgeon

By Dr Buck Parker M.D.

To Suturing Like A Surgeon

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We believe in creating medical products that will help you become a better medical professional. Your future is our future, and for us, there is no bigger satisfaction that being part of that.

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"This kit was amazing and its perfect for a beginner trying to learn how to suture. I would definitely recommend it to others. The kit is of high quality and includes all the basic things necessary for a suturing kit."

Aqib J.

"This suture kit is great! It has everything you need to get started. I'm a med student so it's been nice to be able to practice. I like watching Dr. Buck's videos that uses the same kit."

Adrian V.

"Really impressed with this suture kit!! It comes with so many different sutures for lots of practice, many different instruments, and the suture pad feels great! It’s sturdy, high quality, and can be used over and over. Highly recommend!"

Taylor S.