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Master Your Technique With Our Practice IV Kit and eBook

Develop Your Skills and Prepare for Your Practical Exams With Our Practice IV Kit. 

Learn the Most Important Techniques to Hone Your Skills

For students in the healthcare field, knowing how to successfully insert an IV into a patient is essential. You want to perform the task in a way that causes minimal discomfort for the patient. 

Be confident and prepared when you need to demonstrate your skills in prehospital and clinical settings. Our IV practice kits include everything that you need to learn how to proficiently insert IVs. 

Whether you're a healthcare student looking for extra ways to improve your skills or a medical university that needs to order a large quantity for your students, we have what you need at Medical Creations. 

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Find Everything You Need in Our Practice IV Kits

Our IV kits include everything you need to start practicing your IV skills. In our kits you'll find:

  • IV practice arm
  • Two training vacutainers
  • Two training catheters
  • Practice syringe - 10ml
  • Practice syringe - 5ml
  • Two training butterfly needles
  • Training gauze
  • Paper tape
  • Three training transparent film
  • Tourniquet
  • Training infusion set
  • Training extension tube

Realistic IV and Phlebotomy Training Kit

Our IV training kit comes with a practice arm, enabling you to practice your IV skills in a realistic way. Our practice arm looks and feels just like a human arm, allowing for a natural experience. It's one of the most affordable and durable simulations available. 

Each of our arms is created to feel like artificial skin. With each needle stick, the skin will reseal automatically. You can continually practice in the same area of the arm without vein breaks, leakage, or ruptures. If you handle your practice IV arm with care, you can reuse it multiple times. 

Complimentary eBook to Learn IV Techniques 

Our well-researched eBook comes free with your purchase of a practice IV kit. The eBook includes an easy-to-follow manual that shows you the necessary steps to master the various IV techniques. 

Some of the IV techniques you'll learn about include:

  • How to pick the right site for injection
  • Ways to find difficult to find veins
  • How to proceed with patients who have delicate veins
  • Ways to improve your confidence

Eliminate performance anxiety and become a master in inserting IVs with our comprehensive manual. Our eBook is a must-have for all beginning healthcare students. 

When your practice IV kit arrives in the mail, you'll find a flyer that includes a unique link for you to download the eBook. Reach out to us if you encounter any issues. 

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Become an Expert and Increase Your Confidence With a Practice IV Kit

Develop your skills while increasing your confidence with a practice IV kit from Medical Creations. You don't need to have any prior skills before getting started. You'll find everything you need to start inserting IVs with confidence in our comprehensive IV practice kit. 

Contact us if you have any questions or want to learn more. 

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