Our textbooks have been created to serve as concise and effective reference manuals.

They can be read on their own or be used as a complementary book when studying for an exam. They carry all of the most important information you need to know about each subject.

In order to speed up the learning process, all of our textbooks include multiple choice questions at the end of each chapter.


Our Medical Terminology book is a must-have study guide and workbook for students looking to broaden or refreshen their skills of understanding medical terms. It is perfect for anyone who wishes to enter the medical field, and is a great complementary tool to have when preparing for the NCLEX or MCAT.

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This manual will teach you how to diagnose and treat different cardiovascular conditions ranging from atrial fibrillation to myocardial infarction, and it covers the fundamental concepts and important principles for each disease; this is especially important to know in the clinical settings of emergency medicine and cardiology. 

It’s a perfect tool to have for those in medical, nursing, and paramedic school or anyone who plans to become a health professional.

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Our Lab Values textbook is perfect for students that are just getting started in laboratory medicine. It explains the different lab test doctors order for their patients and the meaning of these results. All of the normal values are tabulated for quick reference.

This textbook will give you a more in-depth understanding of how the physiology of our bodies work.

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Our Fluids and Electrolytes textbook discusses the regulation of fluids, electrolytes, and the acid-base system, and how these factors are interconnected. It also discusses the signs and symptoms of various imbalances, and touches upon the management modalities for these imbalances.

It is essential to understand these interactions, and the role they play in maintenance of health. Imbalances in these substances within the body are responsible for some of the most significant medical conditions and disorders.

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The purpose of this pharmacology book is to serve as a reference manual and a comprehensive study guide for medical, nursing, and paramedic students. For easy understanding of this complex subject, the book has been divided into multiple units based on each body system. The addition of multiple-choice questions will make it easier for you to remember the information from previous chapters. The key therapeutic drug classes for each major system have been outlined in separate chapters. Bullet points and tables make the content easy to understand.

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