Essential Components of an Effective IV Practice Kit

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Studies have found that nursing school is more stressful than almost any other educational degree program.

With so much stress and work, the last thing any nursing student needs to worry about is whether or not they have the right tools needed to practice their skills. 

Between textbooks, supplies, and practice kits, there are many things to keep track of that you will need to successfully get through nursing school. That's why having materials like the best IV practice kit is essential. 

At Medical Creations, we specialize in providing nursing students with the best IV practice trainer kit to prepare them for the real medical world. Our kits come with everything needed.

Do you know all the essential tools and parts that should come in a practice IV kit? Read on to find out. 


One essential item that should be in every IV training arm kit is a catheter. A catheter is a thin tube that is inserted into a vein. Through this vein, the catheter can give IV fluids, chemotherapy, blood transfusions, and more. 

Learning how to properly start an IV is a basic and important part of becoming a nurse, so practice is essential.

With kits like Medical Creation's IV Kit, which comes with two catheters, you'll have everything you need to become a pro at starting an IV. 


A vacutainer is a sterile plastic or glass tube that is used to collect blood during IV processes. These tubes are designed to be vacuum sealed to help facilitate the collection of a predetermined volume of liquid. 

Our kit comes with two vacutainers for you to practice your IV skills with. 

Practice Syringe

Syringes are used to either inject medication into the body or collect fluid from the body. Syringes are needles attached to hollow cylinders with a sliding plunger. 

Getting comfortable with using syringes is an important and everyday part of being a nurse. Our kit comes with a 10 ml and 5 ml practice syringe, so you can get comfortable with both sizes. 

Butterfly Needle

A butterfly needle is used to access a vein when drawing blood. Its interesting name comes from the fact that it features plastic pieces resembling wings on either side of its hollow needle. 

These needles are also used to administer IV medications or fluids. Any nursing student must get familiar with using a butterfly needle. This is why they are an essential part of any IV training arm kit.

Our IV kit comes with 2 butterfly needles.

Training Gauze

Every training kit should come with some IV gauze. Sometimes during the process of placing or removing an IV, there may be bleeding.

In such cases, gauze will be needed to put pressure on the site of bleeding to help stop the bleeding. 

Our kit comes with training gauze, so you can practice putting it on and taking it off. 

Paper Tape

When you have gauze, you're also going to need paper tape. Paper tape is an adhesive tape used to attach gauze and other dressings to the skin around a wound. 

This type of tape usually requires the use of firm pressure to stay in place. This type of tape is also preferred because it's breathable and comfortable. Our training kit features paper tape for you to practice with. 

Transparent Film

Transparent film dressings are a good choice when it comes to starting an IV. These make it easy to see the site that you're working on. It also allows you to keep an eye on the wound site without having to remove anything.

This will help reduce the chances of complications when you're inserting IVs. Our kit comes with 3 training transparent films.  


Sometimes it can be hard to find a vein, so the use of a tourniquet may be necessary. Wrapping a tourniquet around an arm will engorge the veins and make them easier to find.  

Using a tourniquet can sometimes be an uncomfortable experience for a patient.

Practicing with one will sharpen your skills so you can start your IV faster and with precision the first time. Our kit comes with 1 tourniquet for you to practice with.  

Infusion Set

An IV infusion set is a sterilized device that delivers medication or fluids to patients. It is also used to draw and collect blood. 

Our IV kits come with 1 infusion set for practice.

Extension Tube

An IV extension tube set helps a patient get all the medication they need without subjecting them to more needles and poking. 

These tubes connect to a catheter to increase the medication provided through an IV. Since it connects straight to the catheter, that's one less poke your patient has to endure. 

Our kits come with 1 training extension tube. 

Practice Arm

One component of an IV kit you may overlook, but is essential, is an arm to practice on! When it comes to practice, it may be intimidating, to begin with a real arm. Not to mention, it may be hard to find volunteers.  

Our intravenous practice arm kit comes with the most essential part; a realistic arm! Our practice arm looks and feels like a real human arm, so you can practice in as realistic a way as possible. 

Our practice arm is also designed to be used more than once. The arm's skin reseals automatically after each needle stick. This way, you can practice on the same area of the arm without worrying about breakage or leaks. 

Training Technique Help

The best IV practice kit comes with a little extra help to prepare you for when it comes time to place an IV in the real world. 

Our kits come with a complimentary eBook to help teach you IV techniques. This eBook will go over how to pick an injection site, how to find difficult-to-find veins, handling delicate veins, and more. 

Our professional guidance can help you build up your confidence in IV procedures. 

Get Your IV Practice Kit Today

An IV practice kit is an essential part of nurse training, so it's important to know what your kit should come with! Now you know all the important components of IV kits, so you'll know what to look for. 

At Medical Creations, our IV kits come with everything you need, plus our eBook of IV techniques. Check out and order our IV kit to practice with today! 

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